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I want to write a book about my life story. What should I do?


I am asked this so frequently and the answer is so complex that I wrote my first blog post about this question.


Will you write my book?


Most of the books I write come through my literary agent, Chip MacGregor of MacGregor & Luedeke literary agency. Please know that my time for writing books is very limited, as I have recently began serving alongside an excellent team of writers and editors as Communications Director of Seed Company, an international non-profit working in the Bible translation movement.


How much do you charge to write a book?


The charge for a book project is based on numerous factors. My agent handles the setting of fees, because he is the one who keeps up-to-date on the publishing industry landscape. Plus, I prefer to allow my agent handle all the business aspects so that I can limit my relationships with the authors I work with to the actual writing of their books. I’ve found it beneficial to keep the business and writing relationships separated.


How do you find your books to write?


Almost all my collaborations have come through my literary agent or at the request of a publisher.


In addition to writing, do you edit books?


When my schedule allows. Almost all my work is writing books and book proposals, but I also do book doctoring, evaluate manuscripts and proposals, and write articles and marketing emails on a freelance/contract basis. Contact me through this site to inquire about my availability and fees.


I’ve written something I’d like you to read and tell me what you think. Can I send it to you?


I’ve been helped my many people since I began my writing career at age 13, and I do what I can to, in turn, give less-experienced writers the help I received. However, the requests tend to be too numerous to help in every situation. I don’t like saying, “No” to people – especially other writers – so I try to do what I can as time allows. But, unfortunately, writing on top of a full-time job doesn’t allow much availability in my schedule.

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